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Need Some Cute Labels??

Look at these cute kitchen container labels! I just ordered them from my sister-in-law's Etsy shop. She's got them listed at a really affordable price and you can custom make them to say whatever you want.

Check them out here if you're interested!

Baby Butterfly Quilt Top

Lately, my mom and I have really been working on slimming down our fabric stash. We love bringing our fabric together and seeing what we can make with leftovers from other projects. This little baby quilt is a perfect example of that.

The plan for this one is to machine quilt a loopy design using my mom's Bernina. Wish me luck. I think the table runner experiment went well, but this is just a tiny bit bigger.

Trial Run: Free-Motion Quilting

After seeing countless quilting blogs show how easy it is to free-motion quilt on your regular machine, I figured it was time to give it a try. I was overwhelmed at first, but I studied up on some tutorials and got a little coaching from my quilting friend Allison. I started with a table runner so I wouldn't have to deal with so much fabric and I am so pleased with the result!

By the way, this was not done on my featherweight. I used my mom's Bernina. Now, it is definitely not perfect, but as long as you don't look at it with a magnifying glass, all the little flaws don't matter. And, I thought it was actually quite fun. I'm excited to get more practice. My favorite tutorial for free-motion quilting is by Elizabeth Hartman. You can find it here.

How to Make Half-Square Triangles: Eight at a Time

I have another half-square triangle tutorial. This method uses larger squares to start with and creates eight blocks at a time. It's a great method to use if you need several half-square triangles and it doesn't matter that they all look the same.

Start by cutting out two squares of contrasting fabric. In this case, I cut 12" squares.
 Place right side together. On the back of the lighter square, draw  four lines: vertical, horizontal, and both diagonals. Use the grid on your mat to help you center the lines.

 I know it's a little hard to see in the picture. Here is a better diagram:

Now cut along each pencil line. Don't be too much of a perfectionist. If the lines aren't perfect, that is okay. We will square the blocks up at the end.

I Know How to Start Projects

...I just don't know how to finish them. That's a direct quote from my mother, folks. Yes, I started another project this morning despite the three quilts and four runners that are just hanging out in my closet. But look how cute it is!

I'm not sure what I'll call this one yet. I already had all the light squares left over from my "Objects of Desire" charm pack. I found the dark squares from many different places and some of them are even pieced together. I think it all looks like it is supposed to be together, though. That cute little pink flower with a chenille center is going to get appliqued on there somewhere.

Finished Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt

My Mom just quilted our Grandma's Flower Garden baby quilt. She totally outdid herself and quilted the hexagonal shapes. Like I said when I posted pictures of the quilt top, this one was a nightmare for us. I've never had such a headache from sewing as when we attempted this one. Now that it's done, though, I really like it!

{Credit} Pattern: Marci Baker. Fabric: Prints by Chloe's Closet and Judie Rothermel. Hand quilting: Dee.