How to Make Half-Square Triangles: Eight at a Time

I have another half-square triangle tutorial. This method uses larger squares to start with and creates eight blocks at a time. It's a great method to use if you need several half-square triangles and it doesn't matter that they all look the same.

Start by cutting out two squares of contrasting fabric. In this case, I cut 12" squares.

 Place right side together. On the back of the lighter square, draw 
four lines: vertical, horizontal, and both diagonals. Use the grid on your mat to help you center the lines.

 I know it's a little hard to see in the picture. Here is a better diagram:

This part is important! Sew 1/4" on either side of the diagonal lines only.

Now cut along each pencil line. Don't be too much of a perfectionist. If the lines aren't perfect, that is okay. We will square the blocks up at the end.

Press each block open, with the seam behind the dark fabric.

Now is the time to get picky. Square up your blocks, paying special attention that the diagonals end up perfectly in the corners. I squared these up to 5 1/2", but I was just trimming off threads. If yours turn out a little more "unique" you may want to take them all down to 5". This step is what will make the seams in your quilt exact, so don't skip it!

Now play with your blocks! My family is having a block swap in about a month. We are all coming to it with red and blue half-square triangles. We're going to swap them around and choose any design we like to put together a quilt. Here are a few ideas of how to arrange your blocks. There are so many options. Have fun!


  1. Hey Bec! How can I get 4 half square triangles out of a 10x10 sandwich?


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