Trial Run: Free-Motion Quilting

After seeing countless quilting blogs show how easy it is to free-motion quilt on your regular machine, I figured it was time to give it a try. I was overwhelmed at first, but I studied up on some tutorials and got a little coaching from my quilting friend Allison. I started with a table runner so I wouldn't have to deal with so much fabric and I am so pleased with the result!

By the way, this was not done on my featherweight. I used my mom's Bernina. Now, it is definitely not perfect, but as long as you don't look at it with a magnifying glass, all the little flaws don't matter. And, I thought it was actually quite fun. I'm excited to get more practice. My favorite tutorial for free-motion quilting is by Elizabeth Hartman. You can find it here.


  1. You are so crafty! I attempted free motion quilting on scrap fabric in one of my sewing classes and it was awful. You are one talented lady!

  2. Free motion quilting is so pretty! I doubt it would be "easy" for anyone but you. :)


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