Quilts to Afganistan

This is a really cool story, so I want to share it with you. My mother-in-law lives in Page, Arizona and was involved in this project. This is the article from her Stake bulletin:

"The women of the Page Arizona Stake know what it means to serve with their whole heart. Since April they have put in over 1000 hours to create and sew 22 military quilts which will be sent to the 159th Air Ambulance Unit in Afghanistan. Each man in the Unit will receive a handmade quilt for Christmas. The 159th were the first Air Ambulance Unit to be deployed out of Arizona. They will serve in Afghanistan for one year. The quilting project was envisioned by Lynne Peterson, whose son, Justin (Judd), is a member of that Unit. Over 30 women pieced, assembled, and sewed the quilts. They were beautifully quilted and bound with love. Others in the Stake have donated money to mail the quilts. These quilts will be treasured by each man who receives it. They were indeed a labor of love."


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