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Modern Butterflies Baby Girl Quilt

The scrappy butterfly quilt is complete! I really struggled with choosing binding for this quilt for a while. I went back and forth and hemmed and hawed for several weeks. When I came across this white with tiny black polka dot print that my mom had picked up, it all finally clicked for me.

 You can see more pictures of it in the shop.

{Credit} Pattern: Inspiration from Cluck Cluck Sew. Fabric: Assorted prints including Enchanted Garden by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake and Oz by Sanae for Moda. Assorted Kona Cotton shades in pink and yellow.

Sewing Curves Tutorial

This post is a follow-up of my tutorial on how to make your own quarter-circle template.

Pull out your quarter-circle template. You have two pieces--one is convex and one is concave (here comes the math lover in me). Trace each template on your fabric and cut out carefully with scissors. Side story: When I was taught how to do this in a class, the teacher told us to cut out these pieces with our rotary cutters. I would never, never, never recommend doing that unless your template is made out of thick plastic. I treasure my fingertips.

Just like the template, your two pieces of fabric should NOT fit together. This is due to the quarter-inch seam allowances.You may want to make a little mark along each curve at the halfway point. This will be helpful when your pinning your pieces together.

Flip your concave (outer) piece on top of your convex (inner) piece and pin edges. 

At this point, you may start questioning why you ever thought sewing curves sounded fun. Do not give up! Put a pin…

Make Your Own Quarter-Circle Template

This tutorial is for those of you that have never tried sewing circles and quarter-circles and would like to give it a try without purchasing a template. Making your own template is actually quite easy. If you find that you love sewing curves and want to do it all the time, I'd probably invest in a nice template set. I think this is perfect for those of us that just want to try sewing curves so we can check it off the quilting "bucket list."

First, decide what size you want your finished square to be (this will only be a quarter of the whole circle). The larger the square, the easier the curve will be to sew. At the retreat in February, our teacher started us with 9-inch blocks. I thought they were a bit big, so today we are going to do a 6-inch block.
Use a ruler or grid to draw a square on a piece of paper.

Since we are making a 6-inch block, I decided to make a circle with a 5-inch radius. (This would be a good time to pull out your protractor if you have one. I don…

PB-Inspired Baby Girl Quilt

My sister-in-law Becki just finished this adorable baby quilt that was inspired by this picture on the Pottery Barn website. I like the fabrics Becki chose better! I love this quilt design because it's simple and modern and showcases cute prints very well. Also, how cool is the strip of contrasting fabric on the binding? Love it!

Vintage Finds

Mom and I cleaned out her closet a bit and found some fun vintage items to list in the shop.
Some of my Grandma's extra "flower garden" quilt blocks from the 1940's:

This 1950's apron pattern:

And this 1960's Barbie clothing pattern (SOLD):

How hilarious is this? I've heard of Barbie and Midge, but not all the others. Babette? Seriously?

Chicken Coop Table Runner

I added another runner to the shop. It's funky, bright, and just in time for spring. Mom picked out the fabric and we modeled the pattern after the runner here. And red ric rac! Oh, how I love ric rac.

{Credit} Pattern: Original.

Tutorial Progress

I posted several weeks ago that I was working on a new tutorial for Riley Blake with their new "Vintage Baby" line. Progress is great and the rows are starting to come together. Does it look like houndstooth yet to you?

This will be a much lower-contrast, softer version of my quilts here and here. I usually am not attracted to pale colors, so this is definitely a stretch for me!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing, family-filled Easter Sunday!


New to the shop! Super soft fleece on the back makes there burp cloths feel more like a teddy bear than anything else. Would you think I'm weird if I told you I wanted to sleep with one at night?

{Credit} Top fabric: Enchanted Garden by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake. Bottom fabric: Wheels by Riley Blake.

Kitty Cat Baby Girl Quilt

Mom found this kitten fabric a couple weeks ago and just couldn't resist. She put it together in this simple design with white and gray fabrics and I quilted it for her. I love these cute little cats!

{Credit} Pattern: Original.

Toaster Cover Tutorial

This post contains affiliate links.

Once upon a time, I shared this tutorial on Riley Blake's Cutting Corners blog.

PDF Version

½ yd. for face of toaster cover
½ yd. for lining the inside of toaster cover
½ yd. heavy weight fabric for interlining (you won’t be able to see this fabric)
Fat quarter for piping and about 56” of 6/32” wide cotton piping cord (or 56” of pre-made 6/32” wide piping)

Note: My toaster is 7” high x 10” long x 6” wide. This toaster cover fits generously over it.
Note: Use ¼” seams for basting and ½” seams for everything else.

1. Cut two A rectangles 12” by 8 ¼ " out of each of the face, lining, and interlining fabrics. Using a 6-inch diameter bowl, round the top two corners of each of the six A pieces. Make two notches 5” up on either side from the bottom and one notch in the middle on the top, as shown by the arrows in the diagram.

2. Start with one face A and one interlining A. Baste wrong sides together using a ¼ inch seam along the thr…