Sewing Curves Tutorial

This post is a follow-up of my tutorial on how to make your own quarter-circle template.

Pull out your quarter-circle template. You have two pieces--one is convex and one is concave (here comes the math lover in me). Trace each template on your fabric and cut out carefully with scissors. Side story: When I was taught how to do this in a class, the teacher told us to cut out these pieces with our rotary cutters. I would never, never, never recommend doing that unless your template is made out of thick plastic. I treasure my fingertips.

Just like the template, your two pieces of fabric should NOT fit together. This is due to the quarter-inch seam allowances.You may want to make a little mark along each curve at the halfway point. This will be helpful when your pinning your pieces together.

Flip your concave (outer) piece on top of your convex (inner) piece and pin edges. 

At this point, you may start questioning why you ever thought sewing curves sounded fun. Do not give up! Put a pin where you marked the middle of each fabric piece. Add a few more pins evenly spaced.

Using a quarter-inch seam allowance, sew slowly and carefully along the curve, remembering to pull pins out before you come to them.

Press the wrong side of your block first. I think the block lays nicer if your seam is pressed toward the concave piece. (Don't mind the nasty ironing board. Anyone know a good tutorial for making your own cover?)

And...voila! You have yourself a perfectly smooth and flat quarter-circle. There are so many fun quilts you can make with this block. Have fun!


  1. Love your project!!!
    I currently have a Craft, Create and Inspire linky party going on, i would love you to stop by and link up this project...

    Claire x

  2. Fun tutorial and I love the fabrics you chose! Lovely work:)


  3. You really could use a go cutter. I only pin in the middle...there is a way you can bend the fabric that it just folds in on itself and lines up so nicely. Great tutorial.

  4. Thank you for linking up this fabulous project!!!
    This week’s Linky Party is up!!!!
    I hope you will stop by an link up another lovely project..
    Claire x


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