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Bed Skirts - The Easy Way

A couple of years ago, I made this quilt for my son's bed. I wanted it to have a matching bed skirt, too, especially since the underside of any little boy's bed is probably a war zone. My mom figured out how to make this one and I love that it always lays flat and stays perfectly even.

A few months ago, she made me this bed skirt for my daughter's crib. She used the same method, except added some pleats for a girlish touch. Again, I love how it stays put and floats perfectly above the carpet.

The secret?

Staples. Instead of making an actually bed skirt that lays under the mattress, she just made the panels that hang down and we stapled them on to the frame of the crib. Easy, right? (Sorry about the dust--yikes!) 

The bed skirt stays put when I have to pull out the mattress to change the sheets. I love that! Also, since the back side of the crib is against a wall, we didn't even bother to make a panel for the back. Just measure the distance from the bottom of the crib…


I realize I haven't had any new posts in awhile. I've entered a new phase of my life and quilting and blogging will be slowing down for a season...but what a wonderful blessing that is! We are in the process of adopting these two little cutie pies. More details to come when it's official.