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Finished Chickens

Today, I discovered this chicken quilt block that I pieced over two years ago at the quilt retreat in Bryce Canyon. I really enjoyed making the little chickens, but they just got lost in the sea of projects that I've been working on. Instead of making another four blocks like the mini-quilt pattern called for, I decided to just stick with one and make a candle mat. That way, I could finish it now! That's one more WIP crossed off the list.

Quilting this little guy was fun...and only took about 10 minutes!

{Credit} Pattern: Chicken Coop By Cheri Saffitoe for Indygo Junction. Fabric: Assorted prints. Finished size: 12-inch square.

Sign up at Etsy

Ever thought about opening an Etsy shop? If so, now is the perfect time to do it! Right now, Etsy is running a promotion of 40 free listings for you and me when you sign up HERE. Listings normally cost $0.20 each, so this is basically $8 in Etsy credit. There is no risk involved. If your items don't sell, you aren't out any cash.

Etsy is a wonderful way to advertise your items to people all over the world that want something unique, quality, and handmade. I have loved having my little shop open the last few years. Even though sales are slow some months, having orders to fill has given me something to do with my spare time and provided a little $ to further my fabric addiction. That's a beautiful thing.

Reverse Wonky Star Mini Quilt

I'm not sure what I love most about this project...The color combination of lime green and tomato red, the funky stars, or the fact that it's headed to Italy this week to be a gift for one of my parents' dear friends. I hope she loves it!

This project definitely took more time than I anticipated. The stars aren't necessarily time consuming, they just require a lot of clipping and pressing.

This mini quilt is meant for use as a Christmas table decoration. I suppose it could also be draped over a couch or even under a tree.
{Credit} Finished size: 27in. by 27 in. Fabric: Green print from Flurry by Kate Spain for Moda.Tutorial used: Silly BooDilly.

Christmas Wonky Stars

I'm finally trying my hand at making wonky stars. These free-pieced stars were originally designed by Gwen Marston in the 90's and are referred to as "liberated stars" in her works. They have become very popular in the blog world as of late, and now I know why. They are incredibly fun to make!

I found this tutorial by Silly BooDilly helpful in making my stars.
{Credit} Fabric: Green print from Flurry by Kate Spain for Moda.

Pattern Review: Easy Striped Table Runner

Last week, I pieced and quilted this table runner for my mother-in-law. She picked out a pattern called Easy Striped Table Runner, and it really was quite easy.

The trick is using a fabric with large-scale stripes and creating a mirror image by sewing two sections together.

The entire runner is just five seams. This would be a great project if you only have a few hours.

{Credit} Pattern: Easy Striped Table Runner by Karen Montgomery for the Quilt Company.

Frolic Progress

Just a little progress on my Frolic Christmas blocks. I love how the red really pops out and almost looks like a ribbon wrapping around the other fabrics. I think these blocks just need a border and then they'll become a table runner.

There's definitely a little bit of "fudging" going on here in the seams but the busy prints do a good job at hiding small imperfections.